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Q. Where is Iron & Velvet made?

We’re based in the UK, with all of our facilities under one roof in the
West Midlands; keeping the Research & Development team, Production Department and Office Staff working side-by-side means orders are
fulfilled quickly and without the risk of miscommunication.

Q. Who makes my products?

At Iron & Velvet our ethos revolves around quality, performance and experience, and that starts with our employees. We’re proud to have
a highly skilled employee base in all departments with a focus on
continual improvement, whether that’s in developing new and more
efficient products or optimising the manufacturing process to improve
the quality of the end product.


Ordering Online

Q. Are my card details safe?

Absolutely, we process all transactions using a new system from Barclaycard through secure servers so your card details will stay confidential, even we don’t have access to your details.

Q. I’ve placed an order but wish to change it,
is that possible?

Our aim is to dispatch your order as quickly as we can, usually the next working day, so it may or may not be possible for you to change an order after placing it. Try calling +44 (0)1384 455 225 to see if one of our customer service team are able to help.

Q. How much will delivery cost?

Unfortunately there’s no easy answer to this one, cleaning products are heavy and delivery is expensive at the moment. To help minimise the cost why not buy multiple products in one go?

Q. Can I cancel my order for a refund?

Certainly, if you find you’ve ordered by accident or no longer need the product please inform us within 14 days of placing the order by email on and we’ll arrange for a return. Please note
that if the product is used we will not be able to approve a refund.



Q. The Glass & Mirror Cleaner has left streaks
on my window, why is this?

Streaks and smears left on your windows after using our Glass & Mirror Cleaner can be caused by two possibilities. Firstly, you may have used too much product, try spraying just a small amount on your cloth and clean the window again, we pride ourselves on high performance products so a little goes a long way. Secondly, for the best results we recommend buffing the cleaned window with a dry microfiber cloth or newspaper after using our product; cleaning your windows in the sunlight can help you see any areas which need buffing dry after cleaning.

Q. Why have white spots have appeared on my car
after using the Car Shampoo?

White spots are caused by the minerals found in hard water being precipitated on the car surface as water droplets dry naturally in the air.
The best way to avoid these is to rinse the Car Shampoo thoroughly
from the car after cleaning and using a chamois leather or microfiber
cloth to dry and buff the paintwork to a beautiful shine.

Q. Are your Kitchen and Bathroom products
safe for use on all hard surfaces?

Our products have been extensively tested on different materials used
in Kitchen and Bathroom design and have performed well and safely
across the board. That being said, we cannot test the suitability of our products on every variation of surface and always recommend testing
the product yourself on a small, unseen area first to ensure there are
no adverse effects upon the surface or its colouration.

Q. Is your Carpet Stain Remover suitable
for cleaning the stain on my carpet?

As mentioned above, our Carpet Stain Remover has undergone testing upon a wide variety of carpet types and indeed stains and passed our
high standards for performance and safety. Once again, we always recommend testing the product yourself on a small, unseen section of carpet to ensure no discolouration occurs. A handy hint is to use the
back of a spoon to work the Carpet Stain Remover into the stain; this
will agitate the area without damaging the pile of the carpet.

Q. Where can I find MSDS’s for the Iron & Velvet range?

Full Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s) are available upon request within working hours from




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